COVID-19 Update 23rd March 2020

Dear Supply Chain Partners, Monday 23rd March 2020

Re: Coronavirus Update

Following the several recommendations issued by the Federal and State government to minimize the spread of Covid-19, Judd Wire has and will continue to take all the necessary measures to protect its employees, customers, carriers and partners, in order to ensure optimal continuity of service and safety.

As a key supplier to various industrial sectors we have set ourselves the principal of not directly breaking the supply chain, whilst at the same time taking every measure to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

As a high-performance electrical component manufacturer, we are not always aware of how every cable and wire is used, therefore, if your company is declared as one of the ‘Critical Infrastructure Sectors’ please let us know as soon as possible, to optimize our effective planning and response.

Our services remain operational and we are available for the usual contact to respond to your requests. Many of our administrative staff are teleworked. They are equipped with computer means to allow them to continue their usual activity. This has helped to reduce the number of people on site. The remaining staff, whose teleworking is not possible, are made aware of the barrier guidelines and are equipped with protective means.

Prevention guidelines have been put in place for carriers and non-critical visitors are forbidden on site.

All of these measures have been taken with the utmost respect for the health rules and guidelines.

The entire team at Judd Wire remains at your disposal to ensure our safety and the continuation of critical services in these difficult and ever-changing times.

I will make myself personally available for you to ask any questions or seek any additional support.

Safety First!

Yours faithfully,

Ken Arai