Judd Wire at the Battery Show

Judd Wire, Inc.

Judd Wire’s Automotive Team displayed at The Battery Show in Novi, MI the week of 9/13 to promote our new, highly-flexible 150C ISO-rated XLPO insulation system, FlexradXF.

The Battery Show is the premier showcase for electric and hybrid vehicle technology and innovation and is attended by engineers, project managers, technical leaders, buyers and senior executives responsible for solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles. The show continues to gain additional exhibitors and attendees each year.

FlexradXF is Judd’s newest irradiation cross-linked insulation system for thin-wall 600V and 1kV applications. Approximately 10% more flexible than Silicone; FlexradXF is the ideal solution where tight routing and complex installations are required. Suitable for power units/controls and battery cables, Judd Wire’s FlexradXF product family ranges in sizes from 8mm2 up to 120mm2 in both shielded and unshielded constructions.

Our presence and introduction of FlexradXF was received with overwhelming enthusiasm from OEMs, customers and prospective customers alike. The consistent feedback received during the show was positive and optimistic that Judd may truly have a breakthrough in flexible cross-linked insulation technology for battery cable applications.