Mr. Martin Daniell has joined Judd Wire Inc. as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Daniell has joined Judd Wire, Inc. as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Martin holds an MBA from the Kent Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury U.K. He is the previous owner and Managing Director of Siegrist-Orel, Ltd., and joined Judd’s parent, Sumitomo Electric Group, through acquisition after many successful years of joint collaboration programs serving the global aerospace, rail and military sectors.

Since 2012, Martin has served as Managing Director of his former company, now known as SEI Identification Solutions. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of cable ID and wire protection solutions, he was responsible for innovating global product design and introduction of both the SUMITAG™ and SILPRO brands.

Passionate about supply chain partnership success, Martin believes in the unwavering orientation of supply chain effectiveness and efficiency strategies to improve the performance of the entire value chain.  He has extensive experience in coordinating global team activities to provide the optimum balance of global coordination and local responsiveness for supply chain partners.